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Resilience in the face of adversity, uncertainty and Covid19

Resilience, adversity and uncertainty Stress is a factor of everyday life, yet a crisis such as the current Coronavirus Covid-19 situation brings with it a whole new magnitude of change. The unprecedented level of change, uncertainty and fear all increase physiological and psychological stress levels. Our ability to cope with such stresses, both short and long term is often called resilience. People deemed as resilient appear to have a combination of behaviours and characteristics in common. This commonality between these individuals helps explain why they may appear to or even cope better than others in times of prolonged stress. The full article looks at resilience in more detail and what we all can learn from these resilient people. The article is just one of a group of articles the author has called the (#homesurvivalpack).  The aim is to help people cope with working from home and with other challenges the lockdown brings.  Resilience in the face of adversity, uncertainty and t

6 step Ergonomic home-working computer setup survival guide

Ergonomic home laptop or computer setup Although life may seem somewhat chaotic and uncertain at present, the situation will improve. The current Coronavirus Covid-19 situation means that everybody has to make often dramatic changes to every aspect of daily life. A large proportion of the population is now working from home, which even in normal circumstances can create its own set of challenges. Such challenges combined with all of the other uncertainty and changes to routine can all be “stressors”. Stress creates both physiological and psychological changes within the body and the last thing anybody needs is the additional stress associated with musculoskeletal pain. Luckily, it is relatively easy to help avoid or limit the impacts of musculoskeletal pain due to an incorrect home-computer setup. The home-working computer setup survival guide explains an easy six-step process for creating an ergonomic working space at home. There are also details covering the importance of routine