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Healing, Adaption and Biotensegrity - A Chiropractor's perspective

Tissue Healing and Scar Tissue - the relationship to Adaption and Biotensegrity
 Wound Healing
As remarkable as the human body is, there has always been a constant need to manage limited resources. Bodily functions and processes all utilise varying levels and types of resources including energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, water etc. Historically, gaining access to such resources and in, sufficient quantities could have proved difficult and still is in some parts of the world. As a result, the body has developed various strategies to manage these scarce resources as efficiently as possible. Such approaches are visible in our decision-making processes, the human stress response (see article) and tissue healing. Studies have shown that there is a general preference for emotive decision making, which uses up far fewer resources than higher brain function decision making. The consequences of a poor decision tend not to have life and death implications for the vast majority of society. …