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Tissue Healing and Scars - a Myotherapist's perspective

Tissue Healing and Scar Tissue Although many people may not realise it, injuries and tissue healing have more relevance than just at the time of injury. Injuries, tend to create pain, which in turn the affects how one moves at the time of injury. In essence, our bodies adapt to allow us to move in a way that tries to avoid pain and yet enables us to survive. Such movement adaptions become learnt at the time of injury, during the healing phase and often long after healing has finished, effectively becoming normalised. Furthermore, when soft-tissues heal the process results in scar tissue, which is very different to the original tissue.  The combination of adaptation s and scar tissue can create changes in loads ( biotensegrity ) on other structures within the body. Unresolved trauma and changes in biotensegrity can frequently lead to other seemingly unrelated injuries sometimes years later. The full article on Healing, Adaption, Biotensegrity - A Myotherapy perspective explores this