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Neck Pain - a Brisbane Myotherapists perspective

Neck Pain Treatment Neck Pain, much like Back Pain, is an age-old problem. However, there would appear to be increased incidences of Neck Pain, which appear to be partially attributable to our modern way of life. Terms such as “Text Neck” have also become popular, and the press has regular articles about smart devices and increasing incidences of neck-related pain. Admittedly, modern-day living for many people involves significant amounts of time using smart devices and minimal movement. Equally, neck pain can often coincide with shoulder pain, upper back pain and even tension or migraine-type headaches. The article “ Neck Pain - a Myotherapy perspective ” explains strategies to help avoid or limit the occurrences of neck pain and more. Article written by Terry Davis MChiro,  BSc (Hons),  Adv. Dip. Rem. Massag.,  Cert. WHS. As of December 31st 2020, the author chose to leave the Chiropractic profession and pursue studies within the Physiotherapy field. He no longer works as a