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Self-Massage Foam Rollers - Myofascial Release, the right way

Self-Massage Foam Rollers - Myofascial Release, the right way.Self-myofascial release techniques have become increasingly popular over the years, with many people posting videos on social media about how to perform such methods. Myofascial Foam Rolling is a particularly good example of such a trend and one that has gained popularity on the social media scene. However, virtually anybody can post a video on how to perform a technique regardless of actual training or knowledge base. Having an understanding of the basis of the method or the underpinnings of relevant anatomy and physiology is more than helpful. Although foam-rolling can be quite useful as part of a general maintenance routine, it cannot replace an experienced therapist. Equally, there are times when foam-rolling may be contraindicated and make symptoms worse. A qualified and experienced myofascial release therapist should know when to or when to apply a specific technique. The full article on Self-Massage Foam Rollers - M…