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Proprioceptive foot and ankle rehab - wobble/balance board

Proprioceptive foot and ankle rehabilitation Ankle injuries can cause a multitude of other problems later. Even seemingly minor ankle injuries can have an impact on proprioception (a kind of human GPS). The human GPS has particular relevance to the placement of the foot and ankle when walking or more involved activities like running and jumping. As the ankles are weight-bearing joints, how the foot plants when moving is critical to injury avoidance and sure footing. Ankle injuries can effectively mean that the human GPS needs recalibrating post-injury. Proprioceptive ankle rehabilitation is a good way of recalibrating the human GPS. However, before embarking on any form of self-treatment or rehabilitation, one should seek professional guidance in the first instance. There are occasions where it may not be safe or contraindicated for one to embark on self-treatment, and equally, there may be underlying issues that require treatment first. The full article on proprioceptive rehabilitatio